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Kiss the rings biatches!

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I know this place is kinda dead, as is all of livejournal these days.
but how great was it to smack down those cubs?

They can still throw the argument out about their "loyal" fans. and how they win the attendance wars.

Isn't it great to know that with Kenny even during a transitional year (which this has to be), we can field a semi competent team, with a lot of upside. (beckham, quentin, cuban missile, plus others) plus, 50 mil should be coming off the books this next offseason.

and then there is Hendry over there who has just turned into a steinbrenner jr. without the winning. look at all the ridiculous, backloaded contracts they took on, to win "NOW" how's that working? and since their ownership is in flux, guess what? they can't throw more money at the problem.

Let them go another hundred years without a trophy.

I actually overheard some idiot bandwagon cubs fans complaining about Steve Stone and his commentary ... really?
the same Steve Stone who was partnered with Harry Caray all those years??

Let them cry into their gimmicky W flags, and their racist japanese headbands I guess.

Go Sox!
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