a.strange.day (a_strange_day_) wrote in chi_white_sox,

Har har har.

Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Rays on beating the Boston Red Sox and advancing to the World Series. Aside from the fact that I just hate the Red Sox, I bring this up more to point something out to those keeping score at home.

The Chicago White Sox, a team that no one thought would do anything this year and barely even got into the postseason, went 3-1 against the best team in the American League (Which, by the way, was NOT the Angels, despite what the records may say. The AL West is such a joke, and every other team in that division was a complete pushover this season). The Rays, most likely, will beat the Phillies in the World Series.

The Chicago Cubs, on the other hand, were predicted to win the World Series from the beginning of the season. Instead, they got swept by the Dodgers, who in turn got their asses handed to them by the Phillies, who in turn will get their asses handed to them by the Rays.

So for all the Cubs fans who think that because we lost in the Division series too that somehow our losses are equal, you're fucking crazy. =P
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