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White Sox Fans

Win...Or Die Trying

Chicago White Sox Fans
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chi_white_sox! Sox-ingham Fountain made by dasanixcore
All SOX fans must join.

Welcome everyone to chi_white_sox, THEE Chicago White Sox community on LJ. Here you will find the greatest baseball fans in the country and in the world. Gotta love those Palehose.

There aren't really too many rules here. Just a few little Common Sense Tidbits:
1. No flaming. It's nice to have discussions, but try to keep things civil. Or just not extremely out of hand. We know that Sox fans are passionate and that's why we're the greatest. Just try not to call anyone any names and all that. We're all grownups. Or at least that's what our parents tell us.

2. Yes this is a White Sox community, but that doesn't mean it just has to be about the Sox. Feel free to discuss other things going around MLB. It would be nice if it had something to do with the Sox as well, but it doesn't really matter. Change of pace is good every once and awhile.

3. Type legible. I told you these are just Common Sense.

4. If you are new to community, feel free to make an introduction entry. We don't mind. And this isn't mandatory. Do one if ya want. Or don't do one if ya don't want to. It's up to you.

5. If you're going to put up lots of huge pictures or an extremely long article, put it behind a LJ-Cut.

6. Finally. NO CUB LOVING! If we, the mods, sense any bit of it, we will not hesitate to beat you over the head senseless with the SBC Yellowpages.

Speaking of mods, here they are:

Oh yeah. There are also the Pick-to-Click Contest rules.

The Chicago White Sox LJ Community Pick-to-Click Contest Rules!

Written by mala_suerte_, PTC moderator
Updtaed by dasanixcore, PTC Co-moderator and PTC Scorekeeper

1. The PTC moderator will post an official thread where you can make your picks, usually 1-2 days before the day of game.
1a. If the PTC moderator is unable to fulfill her duties (eep!) on days of games played, she will contact a fellow community moderator to perform the job.

2. Nearly anyone on the team is fair game. You can take position players.

3. You can optionally elect 2 backup PTC, just in the event that your primary pick isn't in the lineup.

4. The PTC is usually (not always) whoever is the "player of the game", announced by Hawk and DJ at the end of every White Sox telecast.
4a. The PTC moderator may call a second opinion before selecting a PTC. However, that second opinion must come from either another moderator or someone who is not a member of the community.

5. Picks must be made before the first pitch takes place.

Why the hell are we doing this, anyway?

6. Like we tried to do last season, the LJer with the most correct guesses at the end of the season recieves a special prize. Only Tina and I know what that special prize is. Yes, you're intrigued. See? Ooooooooh. Also, it's hella fun getting all these picks in my inbox.
6a. The primary PTC moderator (yours truly) may participate in the game, but is ineligible to win the prize.

7. Once a PTC decision has been made, it is FINAL, so if you've got a problem with a pick, that's TS, buddy.

8. PTC selections must be made before the first pitch of the game.

9. Consecutive default PTC's are OK, (e.g. Scotty Po is my husband, so, like he's going to be my PTC forever and ever!) however, you still need to comment to each PTC post in order for us to consider you for the point.

10. Amendments or additions to the above rules can be made by either moderators or community members.
10a. To make an amendment/addition, simply propose it to a moderator. Be sure to give reasoning why this will improve the game. The amendment must pass unanimously amongst all six moderators.

1) Pitchers can no longer be PTCs. It got out of hand last year. It wasn't our fault that we had the best staff in baseball, but you know, adding up points can take its toll on poor dasanixcore
2) You can now select 2 backups. Lots of players pick however many they want, that's no problem.
3) As far as defaults go, sorry, this year you're SOL. That's why the backups come in handy. This will make it tougher to gather points, which I think will make it more competitive. But you know, in a fun, lj-community type way.

That's pretty much it. GO SOX!